Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The THESIS Experience...

The Start
As, we enter enrolling in our 1st semester fourth year with the advance plan of having a thesis/Project Proposal, from our advance OJT ( On the job training ) last April & May in this same year we come up with the prospective project as we notice problems and absence of technology in our Company which we done our summer OJT.

The Transaction/ Analysis
Me, and my group mates combine ideas, research and plan for how we will start our Project, transaction's starts when my group present a 3 project proposal in our thesis coordinator and one has decided to work on. Which is the Website of MRWD(Metro Roxas Water district) with Online Application, Comment and Online Billing System. We start to communicate with the employee and staff and even with the Interim General Manager of the office which also our boses during our OJT they supported us to do it and go for it.

The Documentation
Our thesis coordinator give us the formats and thing to do in working with the documents all are started,we collect information of our Company, we all think that it will be more OK and relax for us because our group did not experience hardness and suffering in our 1 to 3 steps but the biggest change and hardfullness happen when our company did not allow us with the Billing System we have only a week to present our work but most of our plan and document will be change and work-it again we try, to find another scope to pass the required scope of our course requirement's, MRWD help us to present a Online Procurement System in their bidding system. We take it, understand it and decide to develop the system without any ideas, just a little bit discussion. Our document were finished and pass it on time to our Coordinator.

The Defense
The time come to depend our work and document. But before this, all of us feel this is the “JUDGEMENT DAY”we are all afraid and nervous but as a leader i do all to support my groupmate and strengthen my self. We try our best to make our presentation presentable,we do all the advices of our thesis coordinator to practice our work but it seems it does not pass the panel standard the comments hurts a lot that it fells like we can say our reason/side and ask why?!lot thing's we can say about it but we leave it. My group always enjoy and happy we take it that way so that we can help each other especially help our selves to think more and do more, we fell good in our defend in a way that panel help us and teach us the things we have to do and be done in order to support the need of our Company We, thank them too much and lots i develop because of Trial and Errors in THESIS.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Captivating Capiz, City of ROXAS

Capiz was originally founded as Town in 1693,Province of Capiz in the Island of Panay within the City of Roxas facing the Open Sea of Sibuyan Island, Masbate and other Island in Panay, got the title of being the SEAFOOD CAPITAL of the PHILIPPINES. The abundance of marine life make City of Roxas famous in seafood’s, this environment friendly city, is home to one of the richest fishing grounds in the Country. Capiz has 17 active Municipalities and 47 Barangays along City of Roxas which are more competitive in handicraft products, native etc. Fiestas to give praise to creator and give thanks for every blessing, lots of celebration. Celebrated in Capiz for each municipality celebrate their own fiestas in the kindness of Capiznon with formerly mayor Hon. Vicente B.Bermejo.

Roxas City is the main City of Capiz which is the center of transportation and commercial which are the product of Capiz can be seen in part of Roxas City. Captivating Capiz the product that are from other municipalities of Capiz are sell and sold in the City of Roxas. The places in Roxas City are more comfortable for visitors, spending or having vacation in province of Capiz the places are near to all the needs of the people the good food, relaxing area and many others, all places can be visited by a good transportation for traveling.

There are such good places in here that show "The beauty of City Roxas" the Baybay Area, which is Peoples Park located that more developed by the Roxas City government and made it more comfortable and relaxing for community, the other resort in Baybay that can satisfied the need of people. The Roxas City Plaza the private and public tourists spots in other municipalities in Capiz, The City of Roxas that present the good seafood the talabahan which loveones, family and friends bond together and eat the delightful menus of ihaw-ihaw and other seafood product. The mall and shopping shops in the City along highway of Roxas City Boulevard. The night out bar Area1 of Roxas and other bar, café and other delectable restaurant.

The City of Roxas Celebrate a one of a kind festival like"PATABANG FIESTIVAL"of Tapaz Capiz, that show all the activities, culture and product of each especially to patronize the church of Saint Immaculate Conception The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is celebrated every first week of December in commemoration of the founding of the city followed by the Diwal Festival signifying the city's importance as the country's "Seafood Capital" along with the Aswang Festival that symbolizes the rich heritage of myth and folklore in the province. There used to be two separate and distinct festivals, the Halaran ("Offering") and the Sinadya ("Celebration"), the latter celebrated by the Province of Capiz and the other by the City of Roxas, considering the huge costs of holding two festivals in a year, the two festivals were merged, with both the Province of Capiz and the City of Roxas contributing to the expenses. The Roxas City Seafood Festival is held to commemorate and promote the resurgence of the Angel wing clam or diwal, which neared extinction until protected and cultivated in Roxas City.

lovE -,-

loVe vErse's

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear,because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love."
JOHN1 4:18

"Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins"

"Delight youre self also in the Lord and he shall give you the desire of your heart."
PSALM 37:4

"But i say to you love youre enemies. Pray for those who hurt you."

"The steadfast love of the lord never cease, hir mercies never come to an end."

"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person brings good things out of a good treasure"

MATTHEW 12:42-35

lOve pOem

You comfort me with your love;

that filled the feeling's I ever wanted

You touch me with your hand;

that give me strength, everytime i want it.

The love you given now is never as before,

Youre love is like a candle that burns more and more.

My love is like a pillow

that comforts every hurts of the past.

Please love me for who I am,

not just for what I have and done

I learned not to love you, but it reveals the true;

Can your love stay forever and prove it,

within your heart and soul.

May you will not hurt me for loving you;

Because theres no single space of my life'

that never lies on you.

Perfect LOVE

Stolen heart and mind what love is,

Ended-up happy or in tease

When you feel it, make it the best.

Perfect love cast-out fears

And dry everyone's tears

Give strenghts through the years.

Love grows with understanding;

Always feel like it is the beginning

thats leads to happy ending.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Christian school which is
located in City of Roxas Capiz,which I enroll because of high standard school and a private school that not profitable and a Christian school, Being in college lots of risks,changes in studying and differences compare to high school. I
started my college with no expectation that I will be enrolled in this school as a college level its just a surprise that suddenly I see my self as a student of Filamer and view my future in college, now Im in 4thyear college student and finishing my course in Bachelor of Science and Computer Science under Computer Science Department more things i learned from this degree. now I with my co-classmates are struggling the final part of our requirements which is the project proposal the main requirements to finally ended-up our college and to graduate with knowledge and skills for every thing we've got and done.

But before I came on this theres a lot of happiness,challenges and tiredness, in school. Lot of things I truly experience, encountering people that i don't even know, I socialize with the people who are some became my friend and people whom i don't get close with, the biggest change in my life happen also when I was in college my father die when I having a Christmas Party on school, it crushes the feelings felt like your world dawning that you'll never know what will happen next to pursue the life in school that you've started, and there that kind person help me to continue my school and I thank him too much.

That was my life in college in school I do cooperate celebration like cheering and speech choir I enjoy it and it is one of a kind experience being in college I do work my responsibilities in school being a student, a classmate and a friend for everyone. This was a lifetime and lasting memories of my life, there was i learned a lot especially lessons and personal experiences, with GOD blessing to blessed me to finally end this with happy and satisfied ending. thank GOD.